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Our Style - by The Empty Vase

Tropical [EV001]
Calla Green Vase [EV002]
Pumkin [EV003]

Fall Mix [EV005]
Bridal Bouquet Fall Roses [EV007]
Dinner Party 1 [EV008]

Dinner Party 2 [EV009]
Dinner Party 3 [EV010]
Dinner Party 5 [EV011]

Double Center with Orchids [EV012]
Fall Center with Grapes [EV013]
Fundraiser [EV014]

Ginger and Birds [EV015]
3718 [EV016]
Low White Centerpiece [EV017]

Orange Roses Square [EV018]
Pastels with Citrus [EV019]
Pitcher with Citrus [EV020]

Silk Cowboy [EV021]
Tall Fall Center [EV022]
Tropical with Birds [EV023]

Wedding Cake [EV024]
Bridal Bouquet Pink With Jewels S & R [EV025]
Wedding Shannon & Ryan [EV026]

Reception S&R 1 [EV027]
Reception S&R 2 [EV028]
Reception S&R 3 [EV029]

Reception S&R 4 [EV030]
Reception S&R 5 [EV031]
Reception S&R 6 [EV032]

If you are interested in any of our designs,
please call our toll free number:

800 - 545 - 3003